PBX systems have evolved to sophisticated Business Telephony systems to keep up with the IT Infrastrucutre explosion. We at ePillars provide you with the solutions that makes sense for your business needs, at an affordable price point. Just explore the standard solutions provided below or ask us to customize it for your unique needs.

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What makes our PBX system unique?

Cutting edge Technology

Our Asterisk based phone systems offer the latest technology, while being standards compliant. All our solutions and phones are standards compliant and offer the following

  •  IP Telephone Ready: SIP compliant with IP stations and IP trunks support.
  •  Voice Messaging: Forward voicemail messages to your email as attachments.
  •  Mobility: Supports mobility features like Find Me / Follow Me, remote IP extensions and fixed / mobile convergence.
  • Conferencing: Native support for true multi-party conferences (not just basic      three-way calling).
  • Reporting: Basic and advanced call history reporting features.

Unified Communications

Our solutions offer a full spectrum of integration from business telephony systems to your ERP system. Imagine the possibilities of a full integration, starting from

  • View the full customer history while on the call, automatically popping up
  •  A few other intersting use-cases
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BizEngine Call Center is a powerful, robust, flexible, and easy to use solution designed for automation and efficient management of call centers, allowing real-time collaboration and improving productivity between agents and supervisors through a unified and renowned application.

It is designed to manage inbound and outbound call campaigns, a call management interface which makes it a powerful solution for Call Centers. It has a myriad of features that enable the management and implementation of your Call Center and that also add to the features offered in our Community version of the Call Center available through the Elastix Marketplace.

Manages incoming calls, transferring them to an operator. Each of them can be enabled with different calling strategies, for example: ring all, round robin, fewest calls; allowing complete customization of management, times, audios, overflows and scaling of calls. Operators count with the customer information through a graphical interface at the time of communication, as well as the forms specifically designed for the data collection of the current campaign.

Outbound campaigns operate with multiple contact lists, managed by time windows and concurrent channels. The system provides a “do not call” list within the campaign; it works in predictive mode, calculating the required volume of calls depending on the available lines and agents, as well as the talk time of calls; or progressive mode, placing calls as there are agents available to take them. As in the inbound campaigns, operators count with the customer information and the campaign-specific forms in the graphic interface.

Create campaigns and allows your agents to choose contacts from a list, or assign them randomly. The contact information displays prior the attention, allowing the agent to dial when ready or doing a skip.

The call center supervisor not only has access to the real-time status of each campaign, agents, and system, but also administers all kinds of information such as calls in queue, waiting, abandoned, answered, and average call times; also to agent information on the quantity, average attention time, and status. The web interface of the BizEngine Call Center enables the supervisor to analyze the campaigns status from any computer via web browser

This is the application where the agent interacts with the system. The operator logs in, manages their status, and immediately has all the campaign information, such as contact details and the information fields to be filled during the call. The operator can access external third-party systems, pre-configured by the administrator, thus obtaining a direct communication with other web applications such as a CRM or other custom applications.

Our BizEngine Call Center can be integrated with any database available on another server, allowing you to improve performance of the server hosting the Call Center

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