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Use our solutions to manage your organization’s compliance with life-safety code and prepare for accreditation inspections.

If you manage any medium or large facility, compliance with life safety code is one of your major challenges.  It is all the more critical if yours is a healthcare facility. Non-compliance can mean loss of accreditation or, even worse, human lives. Accreditation inspectors can walk-in anytime, unannounced and you need to be ready.

L-S Documentation

Our support for L-S compliance is based on two themes: documentation and inspection.  Maintain a set of drawings showing all key L-S components: fire walls, smoke partitions, suites, travel distances, exist signs and so on.  Along with our service to periodically update and continually maintain, these drawings are the foundation of your compliance framework.

Inspection App

Your key L-S components require periodic inspection.  Fire doors, extinguishers, and exit signs all require inspection regularly, some as frequently as once a month.  Multiply this by the number of these devices at your facility, you have literally thousands of inspections a month. we has created an L-S Inspection Mobile App to help you manage this effectively.

Walk around, scan the L-S component’s barcode to retrieve the data from the central server.  See all information – fire rating, material, its past history and so on.  And a checklist that you go through.  Mark pass/failure and your comments. All data gets stored on the server.

Reports on the desktop

You need to know the status of your inspection?  How many items passed or failed the testing? If they have failed, what corrective steps the technicians have taken? What are they waiting for?  These are all reports that you can generate from your desktop.

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