SWIFT Service Bureau

Full integration for all SWIFT out-going and in-coming payment message types, their confirmation messages and cash statements. Manages all of the common workflows that are particular to SWIFT.

  • Exchange of messages and files between institutions via FIN, Interact and FileAct
  • UI for manual Entry/Validation/Approvals/Hold/Release of new messages
  • Prepare SWIFT instructions from any format (Excel, CSV, FEDWIRE, XML, Proprietary)
  • Send copies of messages to Applications, Printers, Emails, Fax, Files in any format
  • Compliance checks, OFAC, World-check, Exclusions and Filters
  • Message Repositories, Event Log, Audit Trails, Reports and Archives
  • Role based access for user groups, monitoring, administration & operations team
  • Yearly upgrade of SWIFT Message Standards
  • Redundant data center for resiliency
  • Access ECS network through Secure FTP, Websphere MQ or VPN
  • Client Portal to Search/View messages/transactions by State/Status
  • SWIFT Certified Engineers (Technical and Functional)
SWIFT Service Bureau 1

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