Post-trade processing of securities moves into a comprehensive service with ECS Fin’s Securities Hub.

It addresses all activities including Trade Confirmation to Settlement, Fund Transfer, Statement Reconciliation and Reporting.

Defragment your post-trade processing environment, minimize breaks, introduce accountability and address perfectly the needs of departments, customers and counterparties.

Who Will Benefit

Capital Markets

Capital Markets include but not limited to:

  • Investment Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Custodians
  • Brokers & Prime Brokers
  • Clearing Houses
  • Depositories
  • Advisors

IMS Securities is a post trade processing application that has a series of modules that automates various post trade processing workflows for institutions that participate in the securities industry.

What It Addresses

Trade Matching & Settlement

Automates the various trade processing workflows from allocations to settlement.

Each trade is matched utilizing Electronic Trade Services like Omgeo and Accord.

Matched trades are affirmed and settled utilizing SWIFT or other networks.

Each trade is tracked and followed through all the way to Settlement.

Money Transfer

Move money to facilitate settlement of trades and notify Custody Institutions about oncoming fund transfer schedules.

Securities Transfer

Move securities as required between Custodians on a free transfer basis or as part of multi-party agreements.

Interface With Any OMS

IMS Securities connects with various Order Management Systems to reach 100% STP.

Dashboards are extended for monitoring and controlling traffic.


End-of-day reports, summary reports and accountability reports are created on need basis or by scheduled jobs and delivered to queues, folders, emails or printers.

Workflow Automation

The system automates any number of transaction processing workflows and controls the handling of each trade differently.

Exception Handling

Initiate and manage events associated with exceptions and situations where human intervention is needed.

Visibility And Control

All communication channels, processing workflows and modules within IMS are equipped with Dashboards and Interface for visibility and control of operations.

Internal Security

Prevents movement of securities or funds between unauthorized accounts.


Trade Match

Minimize breaks for preparing trades for settlement.

Trade Settlement

Collect affirmed trades from various sources and prepare trade settlement instructions.

Process incoming Confirms and Status messages.

Create request for Status and Cancels.

SSI Management

Manage Standing Settlement Instructions and all relevant Reference Data.

Update SSI instructions from various methods including Omgeo Alerts automatically.

Money Transfer

Create money transfer instructions in desired format, protocol and schedule.

Provide dashboards for internal controls and approvals.

Create notice to receive and transmit to Receiving Party ahead of time.

Statement Management

Create and send statements of positions and balances to account owners.

Reconcile outgoing instructions against incoming statements.

Create and send out Statements and Balances to account holders in preferred formats.

Statement Reconciliation

Match outgoing Instructions with incoming Statements.

Manage positions and balances for various analyses and reports.


Complete Settlement Processing workflow automation with message exchange.

Utilize ISO 20022 messaging standards.