ECS Fin on Data Governance mode operates as a custodian of enterprise data.

Taking accountability for all data captured and transmitted, IMS organizes and stores the data for easy view, retrieval, summarizing, and reporting.

The data covers messages, acknowledgements, documents, notes, reference data and all related elements.

IMS imports historical data including those from SWIFT Archives covering older versions of SAA.

It links data elements by underlying transaction or event for audit trail.

The data is  searchable online with advanced search, using a standard browser.

The datastore complies to industry standard protocols for role based secured access and entitlements.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Banks
  • Central Banks
  • Other Financial Institutions
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporates
  • Health Care
  • Government/Defense

What It Addresses?

Message Repositories

Categorized by type, purpose and context, IMS stores incoming and outgoing messages to enhance accountability, subscriptions, summarized viewing and reporting.

Document Attachment

To strengthen the audit trail, the system stores the documents as attachment links to the underlying transactions or transmitted messages.

File Management

This feature addresses the tracking of original files as the container of a set of messages for audit purposes.  Files are categorized by sender, receiver, purpose and context parameters.

Transaction Events

All events associated with the life cycle of a message or a transaction are stored with links to the underlying entity.

Transaction Audit

Generates a comprehensive life story of all data elements including messages, files, documents and events of an underlying message or transaction.

This facility adds to the safekeeping of a message or transaction right from inception through settlement and archives to reporting stages.


  • Data summarization, views and reports for investigation and research.
  • Prepare money moment reports by country, currency, region, entity, accounts.
  • Export to PDF for presentation or Excel for analysis.
  • Maintain statistics of transaction numbers, manual interventions, errors, exceptions and more.  Helps understand and measure the overall efficiency of the process.
  • Reports can be generated in desired format, set fields and to preferred order.
  • Automated delivery feature can be activated to schedule reports to interested parties on a recurring basis.

Secured Access

The system can establish controlled access to govern data utilization by authorized personnel.

It also secures what each user is allowed to see and do once access is gained.