IMS Gateway is a proprietary designed data capture and distribution system that addresses the entire range of external and internal message management applications of an enterprise.  It facilitates exchange of data (message, file, document) while allowing secure access for visibility and control.

More than just a translator, it offers value added services and takes accountability of enterprise data.  It supersedes a typical Enterprise Message Hub (EMH), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Application Integration Service, Data Governance and Information Reporting.

The system encompasses process optimization, enhances through-put, maximizes operational efficiencies across all business departments, compliance groups and other stakeholders.

Achieve high throughput in the order of several million messages per hour using our advanced Message Mapping Function.

What’s more, IMS Gateway converts middleware departments from being a cost center to a profit center.

Who Will Benefit?


Banks need to exchange data between its internal applications, its customers, its service providers as well as market infrastructure through message based communication.

Central Banks

Central banks need to receive requests from the member banks within the country for moving money and securities through various channels.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions process transactions through requests initiated from their customers via files and other methods. They can utilize message hub to organize all their internal and external message based communication.

Banker’s Banks

Bankers Banks’ external entities include a series of member banks that sent their customer’s requests. Data ownership and categorization plays a major role in managing individual member bank’s data and be able to handle variations in business rules, processing rules and validation rules.

Corporate Credit Unions

Corporate Credit Unions have need to address the requirements of individual credit unions as well as their customers preferences while processing their requests and providing necessary services.

Capital Markets

The securities industry automates the execution of trades and settles them utilizing message based communication.


Corporates need to communicate with one of more banks through the exchange of messages for requesting payments and other money transfer advices.


The health care industry include various parties starting from clinics to insurance companies that may have to exchange the various service details and billing information through messaging.

Government/Defense Services

Public sector agencies, government offices, defense agencies etc. have multiple systems that can benefit from automated message exchange.

Other Financial Institutions

Money Transfer Agencies, Point to Point Payment Service providers and various financial institutions need to exchange data using various protocols.

What It Addresses?

Application Integration

Instantly connects internal applications and facilitates easy exchange of data between internal applications. Seamlessly supports data transformation and workflow automation. Streamlines dataflow in addition to providing dashboards and interfaces for data visibility and exception handling.

Integrate With Any Legacy Application

The reference data tables, business rules and profiles within IMS Gateway allows integration with legacy applications without modifying the input or output formats.

IMS Gateway comes with a simulator to test connectivity and legacy system integration.

External Entity Connections

Rapidly connect with external entities using simple parameter settings that can be configured with user-friendly interface.

Convert data from any format to any format using message mapping protocols that can address differences in data output/input layouts.

Straight Through Processing (STP)

Reach 100% Straight Through Processing between internal applications, legacy systems and external entities.

Eliminate re-keying  by propagating data to multiple systems in desired format and protocol.

Create Any Message

Generate any type of message using forms, smart-forms and templates.

Ensure data integrity by validation and security by approvals.

Attach documents as needed to the underlying transaction.

Convert To Any Format

IMS Gateway has a Message Library which is a shared service and can be utilized to convert one message format to another.

New Proprietary message formats can be built instantly from templates using a graphical interface.

The message transformation environment is web enabled and does not require any client software installation.
See the list of all supported message formats

Support All Communication Protocols

IMS supports connectivity with all known communication protocols.  Connectivity can be established at real-time through configuration screens and parameter settings.

See the list of all supported communication protocols.

Batch And Real-Time Data Exchange

Exchange data in batch and real-time,  across any format or communication protocol

Control batch and real-time data flow through built-in schedulers.

Support synchronous and asynchronous calls with session management.

Mergers And Acquisitions

Manage corporate events like mergers and acquisitions easily without modifying existing systems.

Re-route qualified data to specific destinations instantly in any desired format, protocol or schedule.

Data Accountability

Store copies of raw data and link data elements for audit purposes.

Raise notifications on anticipated events that do not happen within expected time-limits.


Summarize or analyze data for views and reports.

Automatic delivery of reports to interested parties.

Internal Billing

Raise internal bills systematically with usage reports delivered monthly or yearly to subscribers of data.

Assign differential cost to each message based on category, region, purpose and other factors.



Instead of spending months on a development platform, now you can establish connectivity with any number of source systems and external entities instantly. For example, connection to Core Banking, Accounting, Reconciliation, SWIFT and Central Banking can be established within hours!
Establish any type of connection at real-time without causing disruption to the service.  Some frequently requested protocols are listed below:

  • Files
  • FIN / FileAct / InterAct
  • Queues
  • Web Services
  • Emails
  • Database
  • API
  • TCP/IP
  • Fax
  • Printers


Deliver data to any number of systems/interested parties/entities in any preferred format, language, and protocol.

The data can be copies of incoming, outgoing or historic messages in real-time or batch mode.

Each subscription can be metered for internal or external billing – converts your middleware IT department into a profit center!


It is not enough to get your data how you want it, you should also get it WHEN  you want it. With IMS Gateway, you can control data-flow for each subscription independently.

Schedules can be configured to business needs, market practices and country-specific holiday calendars.

Control real-time subscriptions whilst being a gatekeeper facilitating data flow during designated hours.


Watch what you transmit and be aware of what you receive!  Stay in command of your data at all times with complete visibility and control using a series of dashboards.

Ensure messages qualify for STP only after specific departments view and allow them. What’s more, make such approval cycles message-specific!

Organize your dashboards based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Connection Channel
  • Message Type
  • Message Category
  • Messages relevant to a specific department
  • Messages belonging to specific customer
  • Messages sent to specific counterparty
  • Messages belonging to specific BIC/Branch Code
  • Messages belonging to specific region, country


Anything can go wrong at any stage. That doesn’t mean you have to look everywhere to know what went wrong. IMS Gateway displays all the messages that require human intervention across a single dashboard.

For example, arrival of unexpected messages, MT999, NACKS, rejections and failures in email notification are made visible along with postings for further action.

IMS Message Library

Includes message definitions, message mapping functions and workflow for parsing, converting and delivering message from any format to any format.
A shared service that can be utilized by modules within IMS as well as applications outside of IMS.

ECS Fin offers three types of message mapping that can be applied under different circumstances.

Eg: An advanced Message Library for high throughputs in the order of several million messages per hour.

Visualize Message Formats, Mapping Functions and Message Workflow instantly built from a graphical interface engaging connectors and adapters.

The development environment is web based and does not require any client software installation.
Eliminate the need for generating millions of lines of processing code that result in low performance service.


  • ISO 20022 (MX)
  • ISO 15022 (MT)
  • ISO 7775
  • Fedwire
  • FIX
  • BAI2
  • EDI
  • CSV
  • Fixed Length
  • Delimited
  • XML
  • Excel


  • MT to NACHA
  • MX to NACHA
  • NACHA to MX
  • Core banking to MT/MX
  • Accounting to MT/MX
  • OMS to MT/MX
  • Excel/CSV to MT/MX
  • Fixed Length to MT/MX
  • MT/MX to Core banking
  • MT/MX to Accounting
  • MT/MX to OMS
  • MT/MX to Excel/CSV
  • MT/MX to Fixed Length


  • Files
  • Queues
  • Webservices
  • Email
  • TCP/IP
  • API
  • Fax
  • Database

Workflow Manager

Visualize, define, simplify and engage complex message processing workflows using GUI tools.  Automate end-to-end processing of messages from connectivity to delivery.

Any to any format as well as multiple to single message mapping is supported along with delivery to any number of entities, applications or interested parties in desired formats and protocols.

Workflow Manager is one of the many shared resources and can be utilized by external applications as well.

Message Creator

Create any type of messages instantly using forms, smart forms and templates.

Minimize manual data input utilizing reference data managed within IMS or read from external sources.  Reference data can be used for enrichment, substitution and validation.

Add context to the messages by attaching documents and user-notes.  This can become part of the audit trails.

STP entries can be created simultaneously to update source systems without re-keying.

Messages can be created individually or in batches and subject to approval cycles and various type of internal controls and validation.

Duplicate Check

Each message can follow a different set of criteria for determining if it is a duplicate or not.

A message can be considered duplicate based on total identity or based on match within specific fields.

The number of days to which older messages should be checked against can be set, for each connection channel and for each message type, differently.

Compliance Check

Engages multiple checklists by various vendors as well as home-grown lists and filters.


  • High speed processing
  • Flexibility based on message type/subtype
  • Fuzzy logic and phonetic search modes
  • Dashboard for compliance group
  • Complete audit trail on flagged messages
  • Supports OFAC, Dow Jones, World Check and others

The service can reside at customer’s site or accessed online.

Can facilitate the utilization  of other compliance services with results displayed on IMS dashboard.