Career Development 1


Employees today think about jobs as opportunities to learn and grow. In fact, they consider this to be one of the most important criteria when considering a new career opportunity — even within the same company. So when you invest in career development, it helps attract top candidates to your organization while driving better employee retention, performance and business results.

With Saba, employees can develop smart, relevant learning paths that link their learning directly to individual performance and career goals. Employees can create career plans for the short, mid and long term based on their skills, interests and aspirations. Saba’s system uses that information to intelligently identify skill gaps, recommend training courses and identify mentors to the employee so they can proactively reach their goals and advance their career.

Make career development part of your learning strategy


Competency Library

Building a skills library can be daunting for even the most experienced HR professional. It can be hard to know where to start and what to include. Leverage Saba’s comprehensive competency and skills library to help your employees understand what’s expected of them in their current role and what targeted development they should do to become even more proficient. In addition, employees can identify the competencies required for future roles and build targeted career development plans that will help them be successful in that role one day.

Career Planning

Empower employees to create personalized career paths that identify roles they wish to have in the short (1 – 3 years), mid (3 – 5 years) and long term and help them figure out the L&D they must do to get them there. With Saba’s career planning capabilities, employees can receive intelligent recommendations for courses, content, open positions and experts to connect with, helping them fill skill gaps and reach their next career milestone more effectively.

Skill Assessment

For any future job an employee identifies in their career plan, Saba will automatically assess that employee’s current skills against the skills required for the target role. It will also rate the employee’s proficiency in that skill on a scale from 1-5 and will recommend specific actions the employee can take to fill that skill gap. All of this information is easily accessible to the employee on their personalized career planning page in Saba


Saba’s system will intelligently recommend mentors to an employee based on their career goals. These mentors are other employees in the organization who have demonstrated an expertise in a given skill or subject area and are automatically recommended to the employee. The employee has the option to connect with these experts, providing them the opportunity to receive mentorship, coaching or to learn informally.

Career “To-Do” Lists

Employees can build “to-do” lists for their career plans by choosing skills to focus on, adding goals and by selecting relevant learning modules